The SORAA/SSL-EY632 solar LED street light is the solution in areas where there is no grid or other lighting insfrastructure available. This high-tech, standalone solar three in one (TIO) LED Light Fixture charges itself by makin use of the integrated solar panels. Even in case of cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight, the solar LED street light still generates the desired amount of energy.

WATTAGE RANGE   30W, 60W,70W,80W, 90W, 100W, 120W & 150W

Road & Highway • Urban Road & Streets • Residential Streets
Car Parks • Parks • Riverside • Jogging Track • Coastal Area & Jetties

• LED Lighting - High efficiency LED with superrior lumen output.
• 100% Solar-Powered - High efficiency LED with superrior lumen output.
 Durable Body Construction - Robust and durable fixture build for perfection.
 High LED Effieciency - Trusted and high-power LED lumen output.
 Lithium-ion Phosphate Battery - Long lasting, maintenance-free, high capacity batteries.
 No PIR Motion Sensor (JKR Spec) - Sufficient light output avoid distruption by moving objects.
 Smart Solar (Optional) - Attach communication hardware to build the smart city.
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