Currently, the Lighting Business and the Applied Optics and Environment Business are the two core business areas of Iwasaki Electric. The Lighting Business is mainly focused upon LED lighting for outdoors and industrial facilities, under the theme of "Consideration for the Environment" and "Safety & Security".

While further globalizing its manufacturing and sales activities, our Lighting Business is addressing more specific needs such as "quality and management of brightness and lighting effects". On the other hand, the Applied Optics and Environment Business covers a wide range of business domains, including environmental testing equipment, hardening & reformation of materials, disinfection & sterilization, amongst others, under the theme of "Environmental Load Reduction", by effectively applying our optical technologies cultivated through long years of experience in the development of light sources. We are also taking bold steps to develop new applications with a view to expanding our business interests by combining peripheral technologies with our core strength to add new values to our lighting technology. I believe that our mission is to reexamine and evolve these two core business areas on an ongoing basis, while taking on new challenges to continuously create global businesses in search for new added values.

By always listening to customers’ voices flexibly in this ever-changing business environment, Iwasaki Electric will work sustainably on the development of new products and seek to provide high-quality and reliable services as "a group of illumination and lighting technology professionals", and will strive to enhance its corporate value in order to continue to be a company in which its employees can feel a sense of pride, and one that is respected and cherished by its stakeholders and wider society.

President and Chief Executive Office